Tariff changes 2017

Following a request from the DIO, Sodexo has reviewed its policy on two tier pricing, for more information who is and isn’t entitled please see the below:

From May 2017, there is a requirement for us to apply separate prices when non-entitled personnel purchase any of the Core (Star) Meal menu items. 

The following personnel are entitled to purchase a Core Meal at the appropriate Core Meal price:

A. UK Service and Auxiliary Reserve Personnel.

B. Service Personnel in receipt of Food Incidental Allowance (FIA)8 .

C. RFA personnel. 8 Refer to JSP 752 Chapter 3 Section 5. Sponsor – ACDS (Log Ops) Amendment 003 2-5 JSP 456 Pt.2 Vol 4(V1.0 Dec 14)

D. International personnel on exchange duties with British forces.

F. MOD Civil Servants while on Short Term Detached Duty

There may be personnel in circumstances not already described and guidance should be sought from ACDS (Log Ops) via the CoC.

If you have any further question or require further information relating to this please don’t hesitate to contact us on customerservice.defence.uk@sodexo.com